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Meva Saturn


The Saturn double hose regulator was producted by Meva company.

The regulator Saturn was developed by Josef Voríšek (1923-2012) at the Institute of Solid State Physics (CSAV) in Prague - Czechoslovaquia between 1960 - 1969.

Josef ​ Voríšek in 2011 (p.Katz)


In 1967, the first samples of Saturn were built for use in the fire department, and in 1969 a version for divers was produced. The production took place in 1970 in the city MH Libcice nad Vltavou. About 55 pieces were buitl. The CG-45.com collection has the #21.



After that the production was relocated to MEVA in Roudnice nad Labem, but only the breathing apparatus for rescue workers and firefighters. I was produced about 10,000 pieces.

The double hose regulator Saturn for diving was made in a small number, because of this it has a high collectible value and virtually unreachable.




In 1997 there was again a small trial edition of five scuba regulators Saturn by MEVA (PM01-PM05) with the lid embossing "SATURN MEVA MADE IN CZECH REPUBLIC", identical to its predecessors, but now with the usual G5 / 8 " connection provided.

The regulator body of the single stage Saturn regulator is in principle very similar when compared to Mistral, but stuck in the lever mechanism of Voríšek's ingenious idea.



1. Saturn - die Zweischlauch-Legende aus der CSSR - Von Dr. -Ing. L. Seveke, D. Šurani


Saturn / Chirana #190

Saturn #021

Saturn #377

Saturn #M5387

Saturn #MA011 - NIB


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